Wuhan Qingfa-Hesheng Seed Co.,Ltd. Welcome!  
  Based on the demand of modern enterprise system,WUHAN QIN-GFA HESHENG SEED CO.,LTD.is a high-tech seed company form-ed by HUBEI PROVINCIAL SEED GROUP COMPANY and Mr.Zhifa Zhang ,the famous breeder on melon in china.It is mainly engage-d in the purification and multiplication of improved vareties,produc-
tion and distribution,as well as R&D of new varieties and their exp-eriment and demonstration.It is registered in WUHAN EASTLAKE HIGH-TECH ZONE,HUBEI,CHINA.

The main prouducts run by our company are super quality seeds
of watermelon,hybrid raddish,cabbage and other vegetables from home and abroad.world known forage seeds are also sold,which
are from¡°Barebrug¡±,a transnational company.

In recent years,our company has actively been cooperating with research institutes and universities,such as Chi-nese Academy of Agricultural Science and Huazhong Agriculture University ,to develop kinds of newly improved
varieties ,including high quality rape,sesame,bean an corn varieties.

According to the purpose of ¡°high grade ,practicalism, innovation and high efficiency¡± WUHAN QINGFA HESH-ENG SEED CO.,LTD.is based itself upon perfect management system,high level staff, advanced technical servic-e ,faithful reputation, abundant seed resources, high quality seeds and professional experts to built up a long-
term, friendly and close relationship with partners at home and abroad to create a splendid new century.

We truly believe that what you want is the aim we will try our best to accomplish.
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