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APSA Hybrid Rice Study Tour to China (Wuhan)
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APSA Hybrid Rice Study Tour to China

Proposed Program  

Date                                      Programme



25 Aug (Tuesday)                 Depart late afternoon by high-speed train for Wuhan (Hubei Province) (1.5 hrs).


                                                Overnight at Wuhan


26 Aug (Wednesday)            Visit hybrid rice farms (Hubei Provincial Seed Group Co., Ltd 9:00am -12:00am)


                                                      Lunch (sponsored by Wuhan Qingfa-Hesheng Seed Co., Ltd 12:00-13:30)


                                                      Visit Key Laboratory of Indica Rice Breeding and Seed Technology of Ministry of Agriculture.(13:30-14:00)


                                                Round Table Discussion(Host by Wuhan Qingfa-Hesheng Seed Co., Ltd  14:20-16:20)


                                                Overnight at Wuhan


27 Aug (Thursday)               Visit State Key Laboratory of Hybrid Rice, Wuhan University (9:00-11:30)


                                                Depart late afternoon    


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